22nd -28th October, 2023

[Egypt Acro Convention '23]

between the two most famous pyramid fields

EAC in a nutshell

🗓 When? 22nd - 28th of October 2023

We will start on Sunday 22 October, after lunch: you can arrive on Saturday or Sunday morning. And the convention will run for a full week until next Saturday 28 October, after lunch: you can travel or stay an extra-night.

🌍 Where? Well, in Egypt! We're in a large and beautiful venue with great amenities. Nested on the rich soil of the Nile delta, at the edge of the Desert, overlooking with the ever present testimony of time and wonders of the ancient world, in the land of the gods and pharaohs.

For the second edition, we keep all the good stuff that made the first EAC a great success. Plus we'll polish the sharp edges and add what we learned in the process!

🕊️ This will be another gathering of acrobats and travelers from all around the Mediterranean, Europe, the Middle East, Africa…and the world

🌴 What to expect:

☀️ 4-6 hours of acro workshops every day, with 3-4 workshops in parallel each round

☀️ Morning Movement sessions and Evening Therapeutics workshops

☀️ All disciplines, suitable to all levels, from beginner to advanced

☀️ Accommodation in rooms or tents

☀️ Full board: food and water included

☀️ 400sqm puzzle mats to train + chill areas

☀️ Sand dunes to wander and enjoy sunsets with a peek of the pyramids!

☀️ Pool to chill and restore

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